k e l yj e

Making noises of various colours since 1982.

or maybe

Finding a balance between harsh noise and good odor.

and also

“I’m in an ongoing love-hate relationship with technology, which is the source of all projects and endeavours pursued since 2007.”

or perhaps some kind of artist statement:

Although I don’t really know, or rather change my mind all the time, what freedom really is, a free space in a literal and metaphorical sense is a prerequisite for well-being. A claim for that space is legitimate and I wish the world will increasingly grow towards an abundance of freeness – a widespread attitude of suspicion towards power.
My work is about that: claiming a space for whatever – creating anything for someone searching for something.

In any case, this website serves as a reflection of my activities. It’s likely to be incomplete, but it will give you an idea.

Thanks for w-w-watching and l-l-listening.

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