No Sine Cure


Inspired by the images emerging from sound, audible patterns and new images are created, using generative algorithms, programming and controlling. Image and sound emerge from the same source, the audience is invited to explore the connection.
No Sine Cure is a live performance, which means in this case that all sound and image is generated live, without the use of samples or video manipulation. It’s just me and my oscilloscope, camera and laptop.

No Sine Cure ran from 2007 to 2008, with a final performance at the ICMC2008 in Belfast. In 2014 I decided to slowly start picking up where I left in 2008, under the (perhaps temporarily) new name ‘SCOPE’. This was performed at STEIM’s Winterparty in December 2014 and several other occasions.

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Event Information:

  • Sun

    No Sine Cure

    Nieuwe Verse Groenten, K&W-gebouw, Utrecht [NL]